1549 - 1500 B.C.


Family information unknown



Population: Perhaps 50 million*
  • Food: Cacao cultivated in Mexico
  • Languages: True alphabet made when cuneiform pared to 30 signs (1500 BC)
    Pictograph writing in China (1500 BC)
  • Religion: Moses delivers ten commandments from Mt. Sinai (1500 BC)
  • Technology: Steeling of iron discovered (1500 BC)
    First clock created (clepsyrda) (1500 BC)
  • Deaths: Amenhotep I (1515 BC), Thutmose I of Egypt (1530 BC)


  • Egypt: Hyksos expelled from Egypt - New Kingdom begins (1532 BC)
    Death of Amenhotep I - Thutmose rules (1530 BC)
    Queen Hatshepsut born or married (1520 BC)
    Death of Thutmose I of Egypt - wife Hatshepsut rules (1515 BC)
    Thutmosis (Thutmose) rules (1514 or 1504 BC)
    Thutmose III and Hatshepsut reign in Egypt (1501 BC)
    Glass pottery developed (1500 BC)


  • North America: Poverty Point culture in Louisiana (1500 BC)
    The dog remains the only domesticated animal in America (1500 BC)
    First Olmec gravel platforms in Mexico - start of Olmecs and stone temples (1500 BC)


  • China: Start of Chinese written history (1500 BC)
    Shang Dynasty begins - Shang kings organize sacrifices and call selves sons of God (1500 BC)
    Emperor Ch'eng T'and orders list of best foods, including orangutan lips, swallow tails, and choice parts of yak and elephant (1500 BC)
  • India: Aryans from Afghanistan invade India (1500 BC)
    Kassites take over Indus civilization and destroy city of Mohenjo-Daro - fall of Indus (1500 BC)
    Start of Vedic epoch (1500 BC)
  • Korea: Rice cultivated (1500 BC)
  • Vanatu: Lapita culture reaches island


  • Britain: Farms in use in Devon and Wales and burial mounds cease (1500 BC)
  • Crete: Knossus arises as supreme city of Crete (1500 BC)
    Collapse of Minoan civilization (1500 BC)
  • Eastern Europe: Pastoral farmers spread across Eurasian steppes (1500 BC)
  • Greece: Volcano (Santorini) erupts (possible changing Egyptian waters to blood?) (1500 BC)

Middle East

  • Assyria: End of ancient kingdom and start of middle kingdom (1500 BC)
  • Palestine: Hebrew established in Canaan about this time (1500 BC)
  • Phoenicia: Phoenicians begin trading via ship (1500 BC)
  • Turkey: Start of Lycia in ancient Anatolia to 1400 BC (1500 BC)
    Start of Iron Age and end of Bronze Age


  • General: Lapita culture spreads to Vanatu, Tonga, and Samoa (1500 BC)