709 - 700 B.C.


Family information unknown



Population: Perhaps 100 million*
  • Religion: Isaiah prophesies (701 BC)
    Lion god Apedemak worshiped in Kush (700 BC)
    Start of Greek worship of pantheon (700 BC)
  • Technology: Chinese introduce agricultural innovations (700 BC)
  • Deaths: Sargon of Assyria (705 or 704 BC)


  • Egypt: Iron tools and weapons made (700 BC)
  • Kush: Kushites worship the lion god Apedemak (700 BC)
  • North: Iron work in central Sahara (700 BC)


  • North America: Adena mound builder culture develops (700 BC)
    Olmecs abandon San Lorenzo (700 BC)


  • China: Introduction of crop rotation, field drainage, equipment rental, and surplus storage (700 BC)


  • General: Iron use becomes widespread (700 BC)
  • Greece: Start of Greek worship (700 BC)
    Coins first used (700 BC)
    During this time Messenia conquered by Sparta (700 BC)
  • Italian States: Phlanx military formation developed (700 BC)
    Latest possible date for the founding of the Etruscan civilization (700 BC)
  • Scotland: End of the bronze age and start of Hallstatt (Celtic) Iron Age (700 BC)
  • Spanish States: Celts migrate into Iberian peninsula and assimilate native Iberians (700 BC)

Middle East

  • General: Construction of aqueducts (700 BC)
  • Arabia: Kingdom of Ma'in begins to 100 BC (700 BC)
  • Assyria: End of the reigh of Sargon III and Sennacherib rules (705 or 704 BC)
    Sennacherib establishes capital at Nineveh (701 BC)
    Height of Empire (700 BC)
  • Judaea: Sargon's son Sennacherib approaches Jerusalem with rams then trounces Israel (701 BC)
    Isaiah prophesies (701 BC)