859 - 850 B.C.


Family information unknown



Population: Perhaps 100 million*
  • Entertainment: Homer writes The Iliad and The Odyssey (see 800 BC) (850 BC)
  • Deaths: Assurnasirpal II of Assyria (859 BC), Ahab of Israel (852 BC), Homer (850 BC?)


  • North: Start of Zapotec civilization in Mexico (850 BC)
  • South: Andes mountains hold Chavin civilization and their temple at Chavin de Huantar - Peruvians pilgrimage to worship the Smiling God (850 BC)

Middle East

  • General: Ahab of Israel, Ben Hadad of Damascus, and Irkhuleni of Hamath lead army to halt Shalmaneser III's advance - supported by Egypt and Jehoshaphat of Judah (854 BC)
    Assyrians defeate Levantine states at Qarqar (854 BC)
    Battle of Qarqaar - Assyrian King Shlmaneser III defeated by King Ahab of Israel and hadad-ezer of Damascus (853 BC)
    War between Israel and Samascus (Syria) (852 BC)
  • Assyria: End of Assurnasirpal II and start of Shalmaneser III (859 BC)
  • Babylon: Babylon dependent on Assyrian military (853 BC)
  • Israel: Death of King Ahab (852 BC)
    Elijah and Elisha defend Jewish faith against Levantine beliefs (850 BC)
  • Persia: Medes migrate into Iran from central Asia (850 BC)