909 - 900 B.C.


Family information unknown



Population: Perhaps 100 million*
  • Births: Homer (900 BC)
  • Entertainment: West African sculptures created (900 BC)
    Geometric pottery and art created in Greece (900 BC)
  • Trade: Mediterranean trade fluorishes (900 BC)
  • Writings: Creation of victory stele of King Mesa (900 BC)
  • Deaths: Jereboam I of Israel (907 BC), Solomon of Israel (may be earlier) (900 BC)


  • Nigeria: Nok people present (900 BC)
  • Sudan: Kushites establish capital at Napata (900 BC)


  • South: Chavin culture focuses around Chavin de Huantar in Peruvian Andes (900 BC)
    Peru's Paracas peninsula becomes religious center (900 BC)


  • India: First states in Ganges delta (900 BC)


  • Austria: Peoples at Hallstart (related to Celts) in Austria mine salt and use iron (900 BC)
  • East: Nomadism dominant in Eurasia (900 BC)
  • Greece: State of Sparta in souther Greece founded by Dorians from north (900 BC)
    Possible Olympics - see 776 BC (900 BC)
    Foundation of Sparta, Ionia, Aeolia (900 BC)
  • Italian States: Etruria in North Italy founded with city Tyrrhenia - Etruscans dominate until absorbed (900 BC)

Middle East

  • General: Assyrians challenge Semites for power (900 BC)
  • Arabia: Start of Saba people to 275 AD (900 BC)
  • Edom: Kingdom of Edom forms south of Dead Sea to 667 BC (900 BC)
  • Israel: Death of Jereboam I of Israel (907 BC)
    Development of Hebrew script (900 BC)
    Start of "Age of Prophets" in Israel to 500s BC (900 BC)