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Population: 475 Million*
  • Entertainment: Writers include Erasmus Colloquia,
    Art includes Mannerism appears in Italian and Netherlands art
  • Explortion: Magellan starts out to circumnavigate the globe
  • Religion: Papal chamberlain Karl von Militz advises Martin Luther to write letter of submission to Pope Leo X which Luther promises to do
  • Deaths: Leonardo da Vinci, German King and Holy Roman Emperor King Maximilian I, Lucrezia Borgia, Sculptor Domenico Fancelli, Artist and teacher of Durer Michael Wolfemut, Lorenzo II de Medici


  • General: Domenico (Alvarez) de Pineda explores Gulf of Mexico from Florida to Vera Cruz - May have discovered Mississippi River
  • Mexico: Hernando Cortes enters Tenochtitlan anc is received by Montezuma the Aztec ruler
    Yucatan warriors present Cortes’ army with giant bones which are mastodon remains
    Cortes brings Arabian horses from Spain to N American continent


  • India: Guru Nanak founds Sikh religion


  • England: St. George's Chapel at Windsor finished
  • France: Start of rule of Francis (Foançois) I
  • Holy Roman Empire: Death of German King Maximilian I – grandson Charles I the Archduke of Austria and king of Spain elected HRE as Charles V until 1556
    Expansion of Holy Roman EMpire with expansion into Austria, Sardinia, Sicily, and Naples
  • Italian States: End of Lorenzo II de Medici and Giulio de Medici (later Pope Clement VII) rules
  • Switzerland: Ulrich Zwingli preaches in Zurich and begins Swiss reformation