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Population: 476 Million*
  • Entertainment: Art includes Hans Baldung-Grien "Nativity", Cranach (portrait of Luther), Durer travels to Netherlands, Gruenwald "St. Erasmus and Maurice",
  • Exploration: Magellan passes through straits of Magellan into Pacific Ocean and sails for Philippines
    Paracelsus wanders through Europe
  • Mathematics: Scipione del Gerro solves cubic equations
  • Religion: Pope Leo X excommunicates Luther and declares him a heretic at Diet of Worms – Luther burns bull publicly – Luther would have been executed but saved by local leader Elector Frederick
    Luther calls for social reform and attacks Pope as enemy of Christ
  • Deaths: Poet Cardinal Bernard Dovizi da Bibbiena, Artist Taffaelo Santini (Raphael), Sultan Selim I, Aztec Montezuma II


  • Ethiopia: Portuguese mission to Ethiopia to 1526


  • Mexico: Death of Aztec Montezuma II during revolt at end of Aztec power
    Smallpox outbreak
  • South America: Incan empire maxed under Huayna Capac


  • China: Portuguese traders settle
    Wu painting begins
  • India: This decade Babar of Kabul invades India and becomes master of Punjab region


  • General: Christian II of Denmark and Norway defeats Swedes at Lake Asunden and crowned King of Sweden in Stockholm – massacres leading Swede bishops and nobles
    Coal is increasingly used as fuel in Britain and Low countries
  • England: Emperor Charles V visits Henry VIII at Docer and Canterbury
    England signes commercial treaty with French empire
    Henry VIII orders building of bowling lanes in Whitehall
    "Field of the Cloth of Gold" - tunics made from "beards" of mussels – meeting between French and English kings but François I fails to get Henry VIII to support war against HRE Charles V
  • France: Royal Library of France founded
    Francis I orders reformers silenced
  • German States: eginning of Anabaptist movement in Germany under Thomas Munzer
  • Holy Roman Empire: Charles V crowned Emperor at Aix-la-Chapelle
  • Italian States: Michelangelo designs Medici chapel and tombs in Florence
  • Spain: Chocolate brought to Spain from Mexico
  • Sweden: Danes massacre Swedes in Stockholm

Middle East

  • Ottoman Empire: Sultan Selim I dies, son Suleiman II the Magnificent rules
    Ottoman empire at peak