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Population: 498 Million*
  • Entertainment: Writers include John Bale Kynge Johan (first English historical poem), Ignatius Loyola Spiritual Exercises,
    Art includes Tintoretto "St. Mark Rescuing a Slave", Titian "Charles V on Horseback",
  • Deaths: Sigismund I of Poland, Gonzalo Pizarro (son of Francisco),


  • Mexico: Silver mines of Zaatecar Mexico mined by Spanish
  • Peru: Gonzalo Pizarro son of Francisco Pizarro defeated at Battle of Zaquizaguane (Peru) by Pedro de la Gasca and executed


  • Japan: Francis Xavier founds a Jesuit mission in Japan
  • Sri Lanka: Catholicism reaches Sri Lanka


  • England: Sir Thomas Gresham founds seven professorships in London – though U of London not founded until 1828
    Guinea pepper plant grown in England
  • France: First roofed theater opens in Paris – Hotel de Bourgogne
    Royal edict forbids performance of "mysteres" in Paris
  • Holland: HRE Charles V annexes Netherlands
  • Italian States: University of Messina founded
  • Poland: Death of Sigismund I king of Poland, son Sigismund II Augustus rules
  • Scotland: Mary Queen of Scots at age six betrothed to the Dauphin – lands in France

Middle East

  • General: Turks occupy Tabriz, Persia