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Population: 461 Million*
  • Entertainment: Writers include Conradus Celtis (allegorical play), Gawain Douglas (dream allegory), Erasmus, Giorgio Valla De expetendis fugiendis rebus
    Art includes Michelangelo leaves Rome to return to Venice and creates "David" begun, Dürer "Life of the Virgin", Filippino Lippi "St. Catherine",
    Book printing and typography develops quickly
  • Medicine: Worldwide outbreak of typhus until 1587
  • Religion: Papal bull promotes book burning for books that question authority of the church
    Martin Luther (age 18) at Erfurt
    Pope has supper with 50 prostitutes who danced naked, reports include orgies, satanism, murder, and cannibalism (likely false or exaggerated)
  • Deaths: Frederick III of Naples


  • General: Gaspar de Corte-Real attempts to bring first American Indians to Portugal as slaves
  • Brazil: Amerigo Vespucci explores coast of Brazil
  • Canada: First voyage of Anglo-Portuguese syndicate to North America
  • Hispaniola: Spanish settlers import first slacves to Hispaniola
  • Panama: Rodrigo de Bastides explores coast of Panama
  • West Indies: African slaves arrive


  • General: Peace of Trent between France and Emperor Maximilian I – French conquests in upper Italy recognized
    Card games gain popularity all over Europe
    Portugese ships carrying East Indies spices begin arriving at Antwerp
    Russia and Poland at war – Russia gains Lithuania and border territories by 1503
  • England: Henry VII of England declines pope's request to lead crusade against Turks
    Arthur – elder son of Henry VII marries Catherine of Aragon
  • France: French enter Rome – Pope declares Louis XII King of Naples
  • Italian States: Death of Frederick III of Naples
    French enter Rome – Pope declares Louis XII King of Naples - conquer Naples, begins expansion in N Italy
    Turks take Durazzo from Venice
  • Russia: Ivan III of Moscow invades Lithuania
  • Spain: Moors in Granada resist Spanish army – Ferdinand I declares Granada a Christian kingdom
  • Switzerland: Basel and Schaffhausen admitted as members of Swiss confederation

Middle East

  • Ottoman Empire: Turks take Durazzo from Venice
  • Persia: Reign of Shah Ismail - first Safavid shah of Persia