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Population: 471 Million*
  • Entertainment: Writers include Lucas Hernandez (plays), First book printed in Arabic type published in Italy, Machiavelli,
    Art includes Bosch "The Garden of Worldly Desires" (Earthly delights), Coreggio discovers chiaroscuro art, Cranach "Henry of Saxony", Dürer "Melancholia", Titian "The Tribute Money"
  • Religion: Pope Leo X speaks out against slavery in papal bull
  • Deaths: Architect Donato Bramante, Queen of France Anne of Brittany, Composer Gaspar van Weerbecke of Flanders, Rebel György Dózsa of Hungary


  • Cuba: Santiago founded by Diego de Velasquez de Cuellar becomes capital of Cuba


  • China: First European vessels in Chinese waters (Portuguese)


  • General: Anglo-French truce – Louis XII marries Mary Tudor – sister of Henry VIII – Louis XII's daughter Claude marries Francis Duke of Angouleme
    Pineapples first arrive in Europe
  • England: Thomas Wolsey made Archbishop of York
    Corporation of Trinity House founded in London to provide navigation help for Thames River
  • France: Death of Anne of Brittany the Queen of France
  • German States: Albert of Brandenburg becomes Archbishop of Mainz in return for 30,000 ducats
    House of Fugger secures right to sell papal indulgences in Germany
  • Hungary: Peasants' revolt in Hungary led by George Dozsa
    György Dózsa of Hungary condemned to sit on red hot throne with hot iron crown and scepter – then he was roasted and fed to fellow rebels
  • Portugal: King Manuel I of Portugal gives Indian elephant to Pope Leo X
  • Russia: Vasili II ruler of Moscow takes Smolensk
  • Scotland: Margaret Tudor the Regent of Scotland marries Archibald Douglas the Earl of Angus
  • Spain: Salamanca Cathedral begun

Middle East

  • Ottoman Empire: Selim I the Sultan of Turkey attacks Persia
    Selim wages war against the Safavids, winning decisive Ottoman victory at Chaldiran - Ottoman frontier shifts east
  • Persia: Ottoman Turks invade Persia