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Population: 472 Million*
  • Entertainment: Writers include satire of scholarship written in dog-Latin, John Skelton (English morality play), Johann Grieninger Till Eulenspiegel, First play written in blank verse, Thomas More Utopia
    Art includes Correggio "Madonna of St. Francis", Durer - marginal drawings in prayer book of Emperor Maximilian I, Matthias Grunewald (Isenheim altar),, Titian "Flora", Michelangelo Moses
  • Religion: 5th Lateran Council's decree forbids printing of books without permission from Church
    New Testament in Greek and Latin published – start of Bible scholarship – William Tyndale (genius linguist)
  • Technology: First rifles developed
  • Deaths: Louis XII of France, Printer Manitius


  • Puerto Rico: Smallpox
  • South America: Diaz de Solis reaches mouth of the Rio de la Plata


  • General: Anglo-French treaty signed
    Treaty of Vienna between Emperor Maximilian I, Sigismund of Poland and Vladislav of Hungary concerning mutual succession of Hapsburgs and Jagellons
    Battle of Marignano as Francis I conquers Milan
  • England: Thomas Wolsey appointed cardinal and Lord Chancellor of England
    Hampton court palace created in London
    Henry VIII of England issues decrees to protect peasants from land enclosure
  • France: Death of Louis XII of France – nephew Duke of Angouleme succeeds him as François I
    First nationalized factories for weapons and tapestries opens in France
  • Holland: Archduke Charles of Austria becomes governor of the Netherlands
  • Italian States: Raphael appointed architect in chief of St. Peter's in Rome
    Francis of France crosses Alps to Italy to gain control of north
  • Scotland: Scottish Parliament names duke of Albany as Protector of Scotland (nephew of James III) – Margaret Tudor the Queen Regent escapes to England
  • Switzerland: Francis I of France defeats Swiss at Marignano to control N Italy

Middle East

  • Ottoman Empire: Selim I Sultan of Turkey conquers eastern Anatolia and Kurdistan