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Population: 478 Million*
  • Entertainment: Writers include Johann Pauli (collection of stories and anecdotes), Jacopo Sannazzaro (religious poem), Alessandro Alessandri (nonsequential encyclopedia),
  • Exploration: Magellan's crew (del Cano) circumnavigates globe on the Victoria
  • Religion: Adrian Florensz Dedal of Utrecht the Regent of Spain elected Pope Adrian VI – last non-Italian pope for over 450 years
    Polyglot Bible – Latin Greek Hebrew and Aramaic published
    Luther returns to Wittenberg and condemns iconoclasts and fanatics – finishes translation of New Testament
    Zwingli condemns priesthood celibacy
  • Technology: Durer designs a flying machine for use in war


  • Guatemala: Spanish forces conquer Guatemala
  • Mexico: Francisco Montano ascends Mount Popocatepetl
  • Nicaragua: Nicaraguan towns demolished as Masaya erupts
  • South America: Pascuel de Andagoya leads expedition from Panama to discover Peru


  • General: Treaty of Brussels – Charles V grants his brother Ferdinand of Austria - Hapsburg possessions in southwestern Germany and the Tirol
    War breaks out French vs Italians
    War breaks out between Charles HRE and Francis of the Low Countries
    End of war between Poland and Russia
    Battle of Biocca – Charles V defeats French and drives them out of Milan
  • Denmark: Religious reformation begins
  • German States: Tilman Riemenschneider created tomb of Archbishop Lorenz in Wurzburg Cathedral
    Council (from Worms) puts down peasnt revolt
  • Ireland: Famine in Ireland and plague in Limerick
  • Italian States: Venice used as flow for Protestant materials
    Francesco Parmigianino paints frescoes in Palma Cathedral
  • Portugal: Magellan's crew reaches Portugal
  • Rhodes: Sultan Suleiman I takes Rhodes from the Knights of St. John (see 1530)
  • Sweden: Gustavus Vasa becomes Regent of Sweden

Middle East

  • Ottoman Empire: Sultan Suleiman I takes Rhodes from the Knights of St. John (see 1530)