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Population: 479 Million*
  • Entertainment: Art includes Cranach "Judgment of Paris", Durer "Willibald Pirchkeimer" (portrait),
  • Geography: Petrus Apianus of Ingolstadt creates first textbook on theoretical geography
  • Religion: Johann Walther produces hymnal in conjunction with Martin Luther
    Luther marries former nun
    Tyndale flees England – possibly to Germany as "William Daltin"
  • Deaths: Artist Hans Holbein the Elder, Navigator Vasco de Gama, Chevalier de Bayard


  • North America: Giovanni da Verrazano discovers New York Bay and Hudson River
    French search for NW passage - hire Giovanni da Verrazano
  • South America: Spanish conquest of the Maya begins


  • India: Dabhol Maharashtra tsunami


  • Denmark: Treaty of Malmo – Denmark confirms independence of Sweden under Gustavus I
  • England: London printer Jan Wynkyn de Worde publishes translation from Rome and uses first italic type in England
    Turkeys from South America first eaten at English court
  • France: French invade Milan before invasion quelled
  • German States: Protestant princes of Germany meet at Ulm against Emperor Charles
    Peasants' revolt in southern Germany under leadership of Thomas Munzer, Florian Geyer and Michael Gaismair
    Peasant's Rebellion put down by Council of Worms
  • Italian States: Chevalier de Bayard mortally wounded in Italy – French driven out of Italy
    Aretino expelled from Rome
    Michelangelo creates Biblioteca Laurenziana in Florence
  • Scotland: James V named king
  • Switzerland: Zwingli abolishes Catholic Mass in Zurich
    Five Swiss cantons unite against Zurich and Zwingli

Middle East

  • Persia: End of reign of Ismail, first Safavid shah of Persia