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Population: 482 Million*
  • Entertainment: Writers include Johannes Agricola (book of German proverbs), Sebastian Franck The Vice of Drinking, Ulrich von Hutten Arminius (posthumous), Alfonso de Valdes (politics), Erasmus (satire on Latin scholarship), Castiglione The Courtier, Aztec Anals of Tiatelolco
    Art includes Hans Holbein the Younger "The Artist's Family"
    Music includes Martin Agricola (book about music)
  • Exploration: Hutterites led by Jacob Hutter establish community of love – driven out
  • Medicine: Paracelsus writes first manual of surgery
    Theophrastus von Hohenheim expelled from Basel for medical innovations
    First manual of surgery written by Paracelsus – a Swiss physician
  • Deaths: Artist Albrecht Durer, Artist Palma Vecchio, Anabaptist Balthasar Hubmair (executed), Philosopher Wang Yang-Ming, Artist Matthias Grunewald, Patrick Hamilton (executed)


  • Caribbean: Cyclone hits Gulf of Mexico sinking Spanish ships
  • North America: Spanish expedition goes to FL looking for gold, shipwrecked and four survivors start walking
  • Venezuela: Augsburg merchants Welser receive from Charles V the privilege of colonizing Venezuela


  • England: Weavers of Kent riot against Wolsey's policy to mobe English staple town for wool from Antwerp to Calais
    "The Sweat" in England
    Henry VIII explains to nobles and citizens of London motives for seeking a divorce from Catherine of Aragon
    Severe plague outbreaks including "The Sweat" and typhus
  • German States: Melanchthon suggests educational reforms in Germany
  • Holy Roman Empire: Anabaptist Balthasar Hubmair burned at the stake in Vienna
    Ferdinand of Austria succeeds to Hungarian throne
  • Italian States: Rome plundered by imperial troops
    Famine in Venice
  • Scotland: Reformation begins in Scotland
    Patrick Hamilton of Scotland executed for Protestantism
  • Spain: Diego de Siloe creates Granada Cathedral