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Population: 487 Million*
  • Entertainment: Writers include John Bourchier and Lord Berners (translation of Marcus Aurelius' The Golden Book), Marino Sanudo (daily life of Venice)
    Art includes Holbein (portrait of King Henry VIII),
  • Religion: Order of the Ursulines founded by Angela Merici in Brescia (Italy)
    Miles Coverdale translates Bible into English (second)
  • Technology: First diving bells made - see 1778
  • Deaths: Sir Thomas More (beheaded), Anabaptist John of Leiden (tortured), Physician and philosopher Heinrich Cornelius Agrippa von Nettesheim, Francesco Sforza of Milan


  • Tunisia: Charles V conquers Tunis from Ottoman empire and frees 20,000 slaves


  • Canada: Jacques Cartier explores St. Lawrence River - claims Canada for France
  • Chile: Exploration of Spanish
  • South America: Pizarro captures Incan capital
    Large silver mines discovered in Peru and Mexico – locals work but silver sent to Spain


  • India: Humayun invades Gujarat


  • General: War between France and Spain to 1538
  • Belgium: Antwerp becomes distribution center for silver from Spanish America
  • England: Beheading of Thomas More the English archbishop statesman for refusing to take Oath of Supremacy - also Bishop John Fisher
    Study of canon law forbidden in Cambridge
    English clergy abjure authority of the pope
    Beginning of the London exchange
    Statute of Uses curbs power of English landowners
    Thomas Cromwell made Vicar-General
  • German States: Munster capitulates to Hessian army – Catholicism prevails again – Anabaptist John of Leiden tortured to death
    Anabaptist revolution
  • Holland: William Tyndale betrayed by friend Phillips and is arrested
  • Italian States: Death of Francesco Sforza – Milan under direct Spanish control

Middle East