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Population: 506 Million*
  • Entertainment: Writers include The Sack of Newes is first English play censored, Thomas Tusser A Hundreth Good Pointes of Husbandrie
  • Mathematics: Robert Recorde writes "Whetstone of Wit" as first English treatise on Algebra
  • Deaths: Sebastian Cabot - son of John, King John III the Pious of Portugal,


  • Burma: End of Shan states
  • China: Portuguese trading base established at Macao


  • General: Influenza epidemic hist Europe
    Spanish state bankruptcy damages German and Antwerp bankers
    Livonian War – dispute over succession to territories in the Balkans between Poland Russia Sweden and Denmark starts to 1582
    Battle of St. Quentin - Spain and England defeat France
  • England: First censored play "The Sack of Newes"
    Gonville College at Cambridge split and refounded as Gonville and Caius Colleges
    Repton School in Derbyshire founded
    War declared on France
  • France: State bankruptcy
  • Italian States: Accademis di San Luca (for art) founded in Rome
  • Portugal: Death of King John III the Pious of Portugal – grandson Sebastian I rules
  • Russia: Freeze and famine
    Invasion of Poland
  • Spain: State bankruptcy
    Plague outbreak